6 Weeks of Crock-Potting

African Chicken Peanut Soup simmering in a crock-potSeptember was intense. It was practically a blur. I spent the first half of September playing tourist with my dad who was visiting DC for the first time. I spent the second half of September at a bachelorette party in New Orleans, on bike tour in Barcelona, at a Real Madrid game in Madrid, kayaking and sunbathing in Sevilla, and drinking giant liters of beer at the real Oktoberfest (while wearing a dirndl) in Munich. All activities that cost money — lots of money. A quick post-vacation glance at my bank account was all I needed to decide to go on an all crock-pot diet. So, I’m starting my own cooking challenge, and I’m calling it 6 Weeks of Crock-Potting (#6weeksofcrockpotting).

Crock-pot meals are relatively inexpensive, will feed you for days, and can be healthy if you take extra precaution when using canned goods. They’re also a surprisingly fun creative outlet if you’re brave enough to toss the recipes aside and come up with something brand new! Much like a frittata, it’s another way to get creative with that sad-looking, soon-to-be-stale food that’s sitting in your fridge. You know, like when squash (that’s just a little too soft) or tomatoes (that may be a little over-ripe) or ground chicken (from the way back of the shelf) go on sale and you go cray-cray.

I’ll keep a running list of the recipes I use here (with sources) and will create separate blog posts for each. Happy crock-potting!

  • Week 1: African Peanut Chicken Stew (Family Circle, you’ll need to log in for free to see the recipe). Read the blog post here.
  • Week 2: Experimental Chicken Soup. No real recipe involved — I just made it up. Read the blog post here.
  • Week 3: Beef Stew (Family Fresh Meals). Read the blog post here.

What’s on the docket for next week’s dinner? Well, I’m deciding between a few recipes below. I’m also open to suggestions!

  • Moroccan chickpea stew (here)
  • Gingered chickpea and spicy tomato stew (here)
  • Lentil sweet potato soup (here)