The Fabric District in LA

The Los Angeles Fabric District has claimed a significant portion of my salary over the years. It’s impossible for someone like me not to go overboard down there. The fabric selection is out… Continue reading

Out n’ About in the Los Angeles Flower District

Ah, the Los Angeles Flower District. So vibrant, so pretty, so cheap! When most people think of flowers, they’re likely thinking of your usual suspects, like roses and sunflowers. Those are great n’… Continue reading

Strolling Through Street Art in LA

I was born in Los Angeles, raised in Los Angeles, and went to college in Los Angeles (Go Bruins!!!). I skedaddled about eight years ago to pursue my career, and every time I come… Continue reading

A Braided Scarf

A couple days ago I popped into a neighborhood jewelry store to, you know, just browse. A couple scarves on display were braided. I had never seen that before! I was intrigued enough to… Continue reading

DIY Tie-Dye Mug

I have a ton of nail polish (one day I’ll line them up, take a picture, and prove it to you). Many of them are old and starting to dry up, but I can’t… Continue reading

All The Baby Things

Keeping with the spirit of de-junkifying my apartment (see my recent Target dollar goodies purge here), I’m getting rid of cloth! That’s not to say I’m going to stop sewing. It’s just that I’ve… Continue reading

DIY Air Freshener

Between my shoe closest and my litter box closet, I spend entirely too much money on air fresheners. Sprays, beads, and candles all promise to absorb odor, and many of them do, but… Continue reading

Can You Hold My Sunglasses?

I have a lot of sunglasses. I mean, a lot. A friend and I recently became really into free sunglasses. We just can’t pass up a free pair. In fact, we actively search them… Continue reading

Sugar Scrub Gift Baggies

Let’s talk about the Target dollar section. An area full of junk you don’t need, but might need one day … and it’s only a dollar or two so … why not? Not only is that… Continue reading

Easy Bath Sugar Scrubs

Who doesn’t love a good sugar scrub? They’re great to relieve dry winter skin and they smell fantastic. It’s like having a mini-spa in your own bathroom. I tend to prefer them over… Continue reading